Syllabi Bank

The Teaching Forum maintains a password protected Syllabi Bank, hosted by the Columbia Law School Human Rights Institute, which currently contains more than 70 syllabi for business and human rights courses or modules taught by Forum Members. Syllabi are made available for informational purposes only.


To access the Syllabi Bank, a member must first submit a syllabus for a business and human rights course or module that they have taught or will teach. Syllabi should be sent to Syllabi should identify the name of the course or module, the date and institution where course is offered, and any co-authors or co-teachers. Individuals submitting a syllabus will receive a passcode to access the Syllabi Bank when their syllabus is posted. To replace or remove a syllabus, or with questions about the passcode, contact the Human Rights Institute, Columbia Law School at

Syllabi in the Syllabi Bank belong to their author(s) and should not be made public, distributed or reproduced in any form without the express permission of the author(s).