Join the Teaching Forum

Participation in the Forum is free and open to any individual teaching, or preparing to teach, the subject in some form, irrespective of faculty, institution or location. The Forum has been particularly important both for professors trying to make the case to their university departments for creating new courses on the subject, and to aid the professional development of individuals who already teach the subject. The Forum is primarily for individuals who teach business and human rights at an academic institution. Others with a specific interest in business and human rights education may join the Forum as affiliates. Full access to Forum resources is reserved for individuals teaching business and human rights.

To join the Forum, individuals should send an email to Forum Co-Director Rachel Chambers providing the name of the course taught, the institution, a web link to the course description (if available), and a short bio (maximum 150 words). Individuals who are not teaching should describe their interest in business and human rights education.