Strategic Partnership

The Teaching Business and Human Rights Forum and the Global Business and Human Rights Scholars Association announce the formation of a strategic partnership.

The partnership is based upon a recognition of natural synergies of mission and substantial overlap in membership of the two initiatives. By forging a strategic partnership, the Teaching Forum and Scholars Association will coordinate activities so as to facilitate the promotion of BHR research and teaching in a complementary fashion, and provide convenience for Forum and Association members.

Coordination between the Teaching Forum and the Scholars Association will be facilitated by:

  • A single calendar with dates for both Scholars Association and Teaching Forum events;
  • A box on the home page of the Global Business and Human Rights Scholars Association website featuring the Teaching Business and Human Rights Forum, with a link to the Teaching Forum’s website;
  • A means to join either initiative through the Scholars Association website;
  • As appropriate, Scholars Association events and Teaching Forum events held consecutively in the same location;
  • One individual from each governance board who will serve as a liaison to the other governance board.